Tips to Take Care of Premature Babies at Home – Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital

Tips to Take Care of Premature Babies at Home – Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital

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Dr. Saranjit Kaur

MBBS, MD, FIAP, Senior Consultant in Neonatology

Welcoming a tiny bundle of joy into your home is a momentous occasion, but when that bundle
arrives a little earlier than expected, the journey takes on unique hues of care and caution.
Premature babies, while small in size, possess immense strength. As parents, you’re their first line of
defense and love. With insights from experts and the guiding light of Motherhood Chaitanya
Hospital, here are tips to help you take care of your precious premature baby at home.

1. Know Their Needs

Knowledge is your armor. Understand the specific needs of premature babies – their vulnerability,
potential challenges, and milestones they might reach at their own pace.

2. Create a Calm Environment

Your home can be a haven of serenity. Keep noise levels low, ensure a comfortable temperature,
and consider using soft, soothing lights.

3. Master Kangaroo Care

Kangaroo care, where you hold your baby against your skin, offers more than just warmth. It fosters
bonding, regulates their heartbeat, and even aids in weight gain.

4. Feeding with Care

Breast milk is a superhero for premature babies. It’s tailored to their unique needs, boosts their
immunity, and supports healthy growth. Consult experts for guidance on feeding routines.

5. Monitor Their Health

Premature babies might need a little extra vigilance. Regular check-ups and monitoring, either by
professionals or with the guidance of a pediatric Intensive Care hospital in Chandigarh, are essential.

6. Hand Hygiene

Your hands can be carriers of germs. Prioritize hand hygiene before handling your baby to keep
infections at bay.

7. Avoid Crowds: Limit Exposure

Premature babies have delicate immune systems. Avoid crowded places, especially during flu
season, to reduce the risk of infections.

8. Protect from Smoke

Smoke is harmful to all babies, but for premature ones, it’s even more detrimental. Ensure a smoke-free environment to support their lung development.

9. Seek Support

Don’t hesitate to ask for help. Reach out to professionals and support groups or find guidance from
the best NICU hospital in Chandigarh for any concerns.

10. Embrace Each Milestone

Every tiny step is a victory. Celebrate each milestone your premature baby reaches, whether it’s
gaining weight or achieving a developmental milestone.

Embracing Care with Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital

In the world of nurturing care, Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital shines as a guiding star. Their
commitment to newborns, especially those who arrive ahead of schedule, is a testament to their
expertise and compassion.

A Journey of Love and Strength 

Taking care of a premature baby is a journey that calls upon your strength, patience, and love. While
it might have its challenges, it’s also a journey that unveils the remarkable resilience of these tiny
fighters. With expert guidance, a nurturing environment, and your unwavering love, you’re not just
caring for a premature baby – you’re helping them thrive and blossom into the incredible individual
they’re destined to be.

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