Things to expect when you have a premature baby!

Things to expect when you have a premature baby!

A premature baby is when he or she is born a month or two before 37 weeks. It is quite common to have a premature infant, but there are complications too. Many times, you are given a due date, and you could deliver before or later than that. You can talk to a child specialist in Chandigarh to discuss your due date.

Why does it happen?
There are several reasons for labour to start early. The complications in pregnancy like preeclampsia, diabetes or other habits like smoking or drinking when pregnant can be the reason. When you have high blood pressure issues, you can have preterm labour.
It is a must for mothers to follow the right diet and do activities that are good for them. If you opt for unhealthy meals or opt for habits that are going against your body, you can have a major complication during your pregnancy.

What happens to the baby?
Most of the premature babies have trouble breathing and respiratory distress, which is why they have to be kept in NICU. This intensive care unit is designed to nurture the baby until they are fit to go home. They are also prone to getting anaemia, jaundice and other infections. This is the reason they must be kept in the hospital for at least three days after birth. The neonatal intensive care unit has all the equipment, nurses, doctors and much more to make your baby healthy.

What next?
After they are in the neonatal care, you can take your baby home once the doctor says so. Make sure you talk to the best child specialist in Chandigarh and talk about feeding or any necessary instructions to follow at home. You must also make sure that the baby is getting all the care when at home. They will start gaining weight once they are home and getting excellent care.
As a parent, you have to be patient and not panic as premature babies become healthy too. It is just a few days of intense care and a few extra steps to get there. Pregnant women need to watch their health closely to avoid any preterm labour.

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