Signs Not To Ignore of Preterm Labor!

Signs Not To Ignore of Preterm Labor!

Preterm labor can happen at any time once your fetus is capable of surviving outside the womb. Now, there are a lot of complications with preterm labor, and you should always turn to your gynecologist in Chandigarh for further help. You can give birth at 38 weeks or a week before that too. The proper full-term pregnancy period is 40 weeks, and many women can go through the complication of premature childbirth. The first thing to do is, not to panic at all. Secondly, there are a few warning signs your body will give you when it comes to preterm labor, watch out for them to take quick action. What are the signs?

  • Contractions – You will feel that your belly is becoming right after a gap of every 10 minutes or lesser time than that. It is possible that it could be a false alarm and in such a case, the doctor will send you home.
  • Pressure – Strong pressure on the pelvic area like the baby is pushing and coming out already. You will suffer from lower back pain which can be quite severe.
  • Cramps – This is a sign that you are into labor and it is not a false alarm. When you have cramps similar to the ones when you are menstruating, you are surely having a baby.
  • Discharge – There will be leaking fluid from the vagina, and in complicated cases, there can be blood too.
  • Diarrhea – Some women may develop this problem too.

What causes preterm labor?

There are several factors that cause preterm labor such as: –

  • Smoking, alcohol or drugs: The use of these substances can put you through birth problems and defects in your child.
  • High blood pressure: This is a major reason why many women suffer from preterm labor.
  • Short term pregnancy: If you have had a small gap between two kids, your second child can be premature. Most women should have more than a year gap so that their body is nourished.

Turn to the best gynecologist in Chandigarh to avoid preterm labor and problems during your pregnancy. Put in efforts to secure your health as well as your baby.

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