What factors raise the risk of miscarriage?

What factors raise the risk of miscarriage?

About 15 percent pregnancies end in miscarriage, and it happens due to several reasons. Most people just search for the ways to prevent this problem, but it is helpful in knowing what can cause it too. There are a few things that raise the risk of miscarriages.

Some of the health factors that cause miscarriage: –

1. Chromic conditions – Restriction of the blood to uterus, illnesses, less oxygen in the fetus can cause miscarriage. Diseases like diabetes, lupus, thyroid, heart problems and uterine infections are responsible for miscarriage. You can prevent it if you start beforehand, but you have to manage your condition properly in order to be safe. You can take proper advice from a gynecologist if you are suffering from few of these problems.

2. Excessive caffeine – Women who have more caffeine than women who avoid it are more likely to have miscarriages. Researches have shown that just before pregnancy if you have too much caffeine or during that time, you may have a miscarriage. A pregnancy specialist doctor can inform you that which products have caffeine and how you can replace them. Mostly tea, coffee and sometimes green tea too has caffeine, so be careful!

3. PCOS – Polycystic ovary syndrome causes women to have male hormones and high testosterone levels. PCOS sometimes causes insulin problems, which lead to an unhealthy pregnancy. The best gynecologists in Chandigarh can help you balance out your PCOS properly so you do not suffer any miscarriage. You will need to take oral medication and proper care in order to save your baby.

4. Lifestyle – If you smoke, have alcohol, take drugs, etc., you are restricting the oxygen flow in the fetus. It also interferes with the growth of the placenta, which will either cause problems and defects in your baby which are not treatable else you will suffer a miscarriage. You should avoid staying around people who smoke too much too.

5. Infections – In the case, you have bacterial infections, you may suffer from a miscarriage. Cure fever, allergies and other infections beforehand.

These few things can raise the risks of miscarriage and you must be careful in order to save your baby.

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