When is The Right Time to Use A Baby Walker? And Are There Any Safety Concerns Linked To Them?

When is The Right Time to Use A Baby Walker? And Are There Any Safety Concerns Linked To Them?

A lot of people who want their child to learn walking faster get them ona baby walker. Now, what is a baby walker? A baby walker is a device meant for infants, who cannot walk on their own. It comprises a rigid frame mounted on wheels with an attached seat. Babies can use this seat to sit and move around in the house from one place to another.

When is the right time to let you baby use a baby walker?

Although a baby walker seems like an amazing device to let your baby learn walking, there is an appropriate age when they should be allowed to ride the walker.

When the baby has gained enough stability to be able to hold their head up, they should be allowed to use the baby walker. Also, make sure the feet of the baby touches the floor. Generally, they are perfect for use by babies between four and sixteen months of age. And babies who can already walk should not be allowed to ride a baby walker.

Although baby walkers have gained unmatched popularity across the world, there are certain risks involved.

Here are the safety concerns linked to baby walkers-

Baby walkers that are designed in a way to offer mobility to babies learning to walkcan pose risks of serious injuries. Many academies of paediatrics also recommend parents not to use baby walkers.

Babies on a baby walker might-

  • Trip and fall down.
  • Go to unsafe places that are generally inaccessible to them.
  • Roll down the stairs.

A lot of studies also claim that baby walkers don’t aid walking. In fact, they eliminate the desire of babies to walk on their own.

So, is there a solution or an alternative that you can use? Well, you can make use of a stationary walker or activity centre. These devices have seats that bounce and rotate instead of wheels. These are perfect for your baby if you don’t want them to get hurt while learning to walk.

If you want to know more about baby walkers and their appropriate use, you can consult a good paediatrician in Chandigarh.

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