Postpartum Infections

Postpartum Infections

Is it a baby boy or a baby girl? How will the room décor be? With the joy gushing in along with all your anticipations during pregnancy and post child birth, do not miss out on the care you need to take of yourself as nursing mothers are prone to a number of post-partum infections. While few infections can have immediate effects, there are also some which notify their symptoms a few weeks later. You should seek the proper guidance from a renowned gynecologist in Chandigarh post-delivery. 

Post-delivery bleeding is normal but also needs to be taken care of

A few things which lead to the heavy blood loss include the rising blood levels in your body during pregnancy. This heavy blood loss is controlled once the uterus starts contracting. While post-partum blood loss can be accounted to few more reasons like episiotomy, the young mother must be well- informed about the type of lochia which can signify endometritis. Endometritis can be characterized by chills, low fevers, abdominal pain and discomfort along with a typically smelling lochia.

Those undergoing a C-section followed by a labor have a higher risk of developing an infection of the endometrium. Also, those women suffering a longer period between their water break and childbirth are prone to this infection. So, keep your pregnancy specialist doctor well-informed about the issues you face regarding heavy blood loss and take the needful measures for a healthy motherhood.

Breastfeeding induced infections

While the gynecologist from renowned maternity hospitals in Chandigarh prescribes accordingly if you are breastfeeding your child, you also need to keep her posted about anything different you notice while nursing your child. Muscle aches, headaches, fever, and fatigue accompanied by red and hard, painful area on your breast can be a prominent symptom of breast infection or mastitis.

Other post-partum infections

Around sixteen percent of women undergoing a C-section are more likely to suffer an infection in their sites of the incision. Swelling, redness or increasing tenderness around the incision site can be the symptoms of infection, which if not taken proper medication, can turn out to be detrimental. Also, those who are treated with catheters for urination pre and post-delivery have chances of developing a urinary tract infection.

Taking care of your child is an adorable experience while taking care of yourself is a mandate especially when you nurse your child. So, it is important to consult one of the best gynecologists in Chandigarh for a healthy start of motherhood.

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