Are Ovulation And Sugar Related?

Are Ovulation And Sugar Related?

If you are going through problems in getting pregnant, you are probably wondering if your sugar intake is affecting it. Let’s discuss a few ways how sugar is related to ovulation, and excessive consumption of it can be risky to fertility.

1. Hormones – Sugar has a large impact on your hormones. Your body will activate the hormones once you eat and too much or too less of sugar can be harmful to the blood. You need to avoid processed sugar, sodas or any kind of extra sugar that will raise the hormones in your body. Besides this, you need not cut down on sugar completely. A gynecologist in Chandigarh can plan your diet, which can be beneficial in keeping you away from any conceiving problems.

2. PCOD – Polycystic ovary disorder is a common health hazard that is connected with hormone imbalance. Women with this health issue struggle with insulin resistance. When you have a diet with high sugar, you will worsen your health, and it will cause problems in your ovulation cycle. You can opt for PCOD treatment in Chandigarh but watch on your diet is a must.

3. Diabetes – If you have diabetes and no control on sugar, you are likely to have a problematic pregnancy which can be life-threatening. Many times, you may get diabetes during pregnancy, which is dangerous both for you and the baby. Watch your sugar intake before, during and after the childbirth process.

How to control sugar?
The best way to control sugar is to cut down on a few habits. We often think that if we eat too much spicy and sugary food on the same day, it all balances out. But that is false! Follow these steps to keep your sugar levels in control.

  • Avoid processed foods with sugar, chocolates, candies or soda drinks that are sweet. You can consume fruits with natural sweetness.
  • Replace the sugar with honey in your coffee or tea and see the difference.
  • Follow a diet chart filled with dry fruits, vegetables and fruits.
    Turn to the best child doctor in Chandigarh to get check-ups done so that you are aware of suffering from PCOS or diabetes.

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