ODD in children: why does it occur?

ODD is known as Oppositional Defiant Disorder, and it is found in quite a few children. It is a pattern of disobedient, hostile and defiant behaviour in kids which is directed towards adults. ODD in children at an early age when they start throwing fits constantly, get irritated and have anger problems. For such kids, nothing that you do can make them happy. It is not that the child is purposely doing this, but the ODD makes them in such a mood that they often try to purposely annoy or disobey people around. You must take them to the best child specialist for as much support as they can get.

What are the signs?

Every child will show different symptoms and signs of ODD, here are a few that you need to look out for and get them help: –

They will argue, fight, lose temple, throw tantrums, refuse to follow what you say, blame others, disobey you and act in a way to purposely annoy someone.

They will be frustrated, have difficulty in concentrating for any kind of task and blurt out the wrong things without thinking at all.

Difficulty in talking to people or making new friends, low self-esteem, no confidence and negative thoughts.

Why does it happen?

You can visit a child specialist in Chandigarh to get a full report on why it happened to your child but the exact causes are not known. ODD is believed to happen to those who have biological, environmental and genetic problems. If you are shouting, behaving in a wrong way or if there is such an atmosphere around the house where in the child learns negative things, they may develop ODD. You need to get all the right help from a paediatrician in Chandigarh before it is too late. It has been noted that kids with this disorder may want to harm themselves or others which can lead to suicide as well. They can go into a depression and feel annoyed with life that can make them hurt themselves on purpose.

If you see signs mentioned above, get your child all the help they need.

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