Newborn Baby Health & Safety

There is not greater happiness then holding a newborn baby in your hands. Those soft fingers when curl around your index finger, you feel new and fresh. With the arrival of new baby there are a lot of new responsibilities. Undoubtedly nobody wants to mishandle their newborn for any reason.

Newborn screening tests are conducted to know if the baby is healthy and fine. A few blood tests and hearing test let you know if your baby is all fit and fine. Even if the test results are good, then also your baby can suffer from other health issues.

To help all the parents whose angels have just arrived or on their way, here is a guide to keep them safe and healthy.

Common problems in new born babies
  • Irregular bowel movements: Just like you that small new human being is not used to milk and its digestion. Hence, in some cases newborns can have a hard abdomen. As a result they might vomit or have constipation. You should call the pediatrician immediately as this can also lead to serious digestion problem.
  • Birth Injuries: This happens usually in case of long and difficult labors. There is nothing much to worry about as they heal over some time. You can only ensure to hold your baby correctly with guidance of doctor or nurse.
  • Jaundice: Jaundice is one of the most common diseases that newborns suffer from. In most cases, it is harmless but you should consult your doctor in case it becomes serious and consistent.
  • Respiratory problems: It will take time to get used to your baby’s normal breathing pattern but you should observe if the baby is facing difficulty in breathing. There can be nasal blockage which you can get treated at the nearest pharmacy.

Newborn Weight loss

Other than the above sicknesses, newborn can also suffer from weight loss. It is normal to lose weight in the initial days. That being said, babies gain the weight back after certain days. In case your baby loses weight even after a month then you should ask your doctor for the possible causes. Weight should not be used as the only way to arrive at any decision.

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