The Mathur Family, Chandigarh

Greetings from Mrs. Mathur and family!

We remember the first time meeting Dr. Navdeep at the emergency department of Chaitanya  Hospital. It was for my 7 months old son Rajbee, who was in very serious condition, suffering from Acute Gastritis and some dehydration. At that moment Dr. Navdeep came in as a God to us. Due to his sincere efforts and timely action taken by him, my son recovered and was out of the PICU in few days time.

This is all due to expert and able care of Dr. Navdeep. His approach, diagnosis, and line of treatment have always been appropriate and accurate. He has always been humane, kind and generous.

Dr. Navdeep is held very high in our esteem both as a gem of a man and as a highly knowledgeable and efficient Doctor. A virtual mind reader and so very affectionate and adorable. We have also observed that Dr. Navdeep sincerely took great care of all his patients.

Hearty thanks, Dr. Navdeep sir. For saving my Son’s  life in very critical condition … It was a great experience with you. You treated my son (Rajbee) so nicely, and we are thankful to you and team of Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital to save my son’s life.

Last but not the least, we all would like to convey our deep regards and thanks for all the care and concern showered by Motherhood Chaitanya’s team during the hospitalization of my Son.

Thank you once again
Best Regards,

The Mathur family


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