How to improve maternal confidence in neonatal care?

How to improve maternal confidence in neonatal care?

Improve Maternal Confidence in Neonatal Care

Maternal instinct is natural, but often, mothers have a hard time dealing with newborns, especially when the baby is prematurely born or has other health concerns. Experts of Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital, which is also the best IVF hospital in Chandigarh, agree that neonatal care induces maternal confidence. Many studies have suggested that the lack of confidence in mothers is common, especially right after childbirth. Neonatal care allows them to have a checklist, allows doctors to discuss the possible concerns and suggest the right things, which can help mothers in many ways.

Getting the best care at Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital

When it comes to taking care of newborns and offering quality treatment to premature and low-weight babies, Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital is easily the best treatment center. Counted among the best in northern India, the hospital changes the concept of neonatal care with services and facilities that are seldom found in local health centers. The doctors of the hospital like to assist new mothers with the first few steps, which further helps in boosting the confidence of first-time parents.

Discussing things with the doctor

At Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital, doctors are always a step ahead in helping mothers. Besides OPD care for all seven days of the week, there’s a pediatrics center, as well. The NICU of the hospital is easily among the best in the country, and the doctors always create ground, so that newborns and respective mothers can interact with one another. Further upon release, mothers and newborns can bond further at home, and if required, the hospital can arrange for transport facility up to 250 kilometers.

With assured assistance and close connect between mother and the child from the time of birth, even in complicated situations, experts of Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital make things easily for families and allow them to enjoy the best maternal and neonatal care.

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