How To Choose Your Obstetrician

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Finding the right obstetrician for yourself is no less a task than finding the right partner for yourself. After all, you will be sharing the most intimate information with your obstetrician and the relation has to be on the basis of trust, scholarship and of course experience in the field. As a woman, you will have to be open, close and truthful to your obstetrician and hence if you choose a wrong one, then you will feel not only uncomfortable but also unable to get a solution for your problems.

In a city like Chandigarh, you can easily find an obstetrician by consulting friends and family. Since people rarely change their obstetrician unless they didn’t like her or failed to establish a rapport with her. However, it does not mean that you take the word of people when they tell you that their obstetrician is the best. You must make your judgment after meeting them yourself and gauging their knowledge and warmth toward the customer. If you are finding an obstetrician in Chandigarh, let’s equip you with some knowledge tools that can help you choose the right ob/gyne out there for you.

  • Choose according to the proximity – Although, the city is not very hard to commute in, but  pick someone who is so far out that you cannot go without wasting at least half hour to one hour reaching them. Your obstetrician should be accessible and reachable not only on usual days but also on emergency days.
  • Choose according to Qualification & Experience – Obviously, all obstetricians will have basic qualifications in order to be able to practice as an obstetrician. However, it is also important to know how much they actually know and have practiced. A great way to find out is to test their knowledge on various gynecology subjects and their opinions on certain practices that are currently observed in the medical field today.
  • Choose according to your approach to life and opinions– It is very difficult to work with anyone who belongs to a different school of thought. If you are someone who is more toward natural and holistic living then you will have to go the extra mile and be open about it to your obstetrician and if he or she is of the same world view as you, the chances of friction between the two of you become much less! You can build a rapport with her on a common ground.
  • Choose according to your gut feeling– Never ignore your intuition about someone, especially your obstetrician. If you get welcoming and positive vibes from him or her, then choosing them would be a good option. Remember that, your will be taking care of you in the most crucial phase of your life, if you ignore their behavior, you will regret it later.
  • Choose according to the budget – This is crucial but not that important because you must not risk choosing an obstetrician which fails the above-mentioned criteria for you and only because she is in your budget or less than what you intended to spend. This is not an area of life where cutting corners advised unless, of course, there are dire circumstances prevailing.
  • Choose according to the availability – Don’t forget to check the availability of your obstetrician, you might need expert advice for complications you face during odd times. That said, your obstetrician must be available in night, on weekends, on phone call, etc. Also it’s extremely important to check if she offers alternative team arrangement, if she is not available when you need her the most.

These are some of the ways which can help you make the best choice for yourself!



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