What Happens If You Use Mobile Phone While Breastfeeding?

What Happens If You Use Mobile Phone While Breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding is such an important activity as it helps your baby draw nutrition and grow. While breastfeeding, mothers are either just sitting or they’re lying down and looking at their baby. So, the question is…how to kill time while breastfeeding?

It is quite common for moms to use mobile phones while breastfeeding their baby. Be it surfing the web or chatting on WhatsApp or Facebook, technology has completely enslaved us. Experts say that using gadgets while breastfeeding is can be potentially harmful to your baby as it will create issues as the child grows up.

Here’s why you should avoid using gadgets while breastfeeding:

1.Eye contact
A mother and a baby need to have a certain level of eye contact to establish a better bond. When babies are born, their only vision is from the breast till the mom’s face. That way they keep staring a lot and try to recognise their mommy.

Imagine, if your baby can only see the phone instead of your face. Are your going to have a good relationship with your baby?

  1. Attention

    Your baby may not have latched onto your breast but you wouldn’t know as you’re already engrossed in your phone. Ironically, you might be breastfeeding right now and reading this article without realizing the potential harm it can cause your baby.

  1. Physical touch

    With your hands holding the phone, you’ll never know when your baby fell asleep. Moreover, you won’t even find out if your baby has had enough breast milk to drink.
    Your baby might fall asleep midway while breastfeeding. It is important that you touch your baby and caress him gently.

  1. Behavioral problems

    Babies can throw a fit if they aren’t given attention when demanded. They chuckle a lot, smile, and make sounds when you’re not looking. They would try to hold you with their little hands and get you to look at them.
    If you don’t look at them or reciprocate their emotions and feelings, they might feel vulnerable and left out. They are sensitive and have to be looked at a lot!

  1. Radiation from the gadgets

    Babies bodies are so little that they easily absorb those harmful rays that are emitted from the gadgets. It is really dangerous for them to absorb such harmful materials as they could alter their genetic construct or probably promote the growth of cancerous cells. It is also known to hamper the brain’s developmental processes.
    Just because, you cannot use your mobile phone while breastfeeding it doesn’t mean that it is a torture or a burn on you. It helps you lose weight and at the same time, it give you special moments with your baby to connect with.

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