Why Do Families and Doctors Choose Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital?

Why Do Families and Doctors Choose Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital?

There is nothing more precious or important in like than mother & child’s health. We know that. And it’s something we fight for every day.

  • A better outcome: Treatment is provided by a team of subspecialty, fellowship-trained physicians who care for tens of thousands of children across 30 specialties. More experience means quality care and better outcomes.
  •  Proper treatment from the start: Shared care from a comprehensive team of highly trained board-certified pediatric specialists, nurses technicians and therapists is vital to ensure the right treatment from the start.
  • Child-friendly people in a child-friendly environment: Making kids and their families feel welcomed and comfortable is an important part of our specialized treatment.
  • Holistic care: People who understand how to make sure your child’s fears are overcome are essential to our services. Our specialists are focused on your child’s development, educational, and emotional health.
  • Less invasive medical procedures: Advances in medicine have made it difficult for general hospitals to stay abreast of the most innovative treatments. Specialty centers like ours are on the cutting edge of technology, often pioneering new techniques.
  • Doctors who look at kids as more than “small adults”: All our equipment are lid-sized and we know the protocols that work best for children. At Motherhood Chaitanya’s you get the benefit of our deep experience caring for infants and children. Expert care can mean lower doses of radiation and anesthesia.
  • Chaitanya treated as unique patients: Because their anatomy and physiology differs from adults, children require treatment tailored to their needs. Often they aren’t able to fully express their thoughts, emotions, and fears. They deserve a hospital where the doctors and Nurses know how to provide the highest quality medical care without losing sight of the person entrusted to their care.

Ms. Navneet:-Dr. Poonam is the best. She spends time and hears the patient out. She is very
knowledgeable and extremely good at explaining the treatment choices and methods to help make an informed decision. She is very friendly too.

Mr. Amrit pal: – I express my gratitude towards all the doctors of this esteemed hospitals for
commendably delivering their duties. Especially Dr.Poonam & Dr.Geetika for perfectly guiding us for all the procedures.

Antara Chatterjee: – Very good staff and a very caring atmosphere. Of course an excellent team of doctors. It truly has a high quality and international standard in maternity and child care. My second child was born here and I was a bit scared as I had several myths about a delivery in India. I came to know about Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital from some friends and a bit of online research. My first child was not born in India and I was looking for a hospital which could provide me a good standard care at a reasonable price in India. Team Chaitanya was beyond my expectations. Now that I moved out of India again, I miss the wonderful team of doctors who were taking care of my two children from time to time when needed. My best wishes to all of you and I must say you all are doing a wonderful job.

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