When Can You Start Exercising After Your C-Section?

When Can You Start Exercising After Your C-Section?

Accept it or not, but a C-section is a major operation. Your body would have gone through a lot of pressure when you give birth to a baby, especially through caesarean. So your body, as well as your mind will need some time to heal. You need to readjust many things in your routine and make time for your baby. So, relax and let it be. You have your entire life to exercise After C-Section to come back to shape. Take suggestions from your Gynecologist.

Things you must not do immediately after caesarean –

  • Do not do any exercise that is straining to your body.
  • Do not ignore what your pregnancy specialist doctor tells you.
  • Do not attempt to lift heavy weight, especially for a couple of months.
  • Keep away from gym for at least a few months.
When should you resume your exercise after caesarean?
  • There is never a fixed time to start your exercise again. When you feel perfectly fine, you can begin.
  • Make sure that you do not go at it all at once. Begin with light exercise, warm up for a few days and when you are comfortable, you can start the normal exercise.
  • You can start pelvic floor exercises first because pregnancy would have effected your pelvic floor and you need to strengthen it.
  • As you become acclimated to the pelvic exercises, you can start the tummy exercises. It also helps in strengthening your back. For the first six weeks, do only gentle toning exercises. This is to avoid the ripping of the stitches put by the maternity hospital.
  • In the first six weeks after the caesarean, you can progressively increase activity at a pace you are okay with. Start a ten minutes walking, and then gradually increase the time.
  • Remember that your pregnancy hormones will affect your body for six months even after the child birth. So, take it easy.
  • After six months, you can go for hardcore exercises such as jogging, running, swimming and cycling.

It is important that you know the fact that losing pregnancy weight is a slow process. Ask your Best Gynecologists in Chandigarh about this. Consistent exercising will lead to slow weight loss and this is absolutely normal.

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