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Amongst the innumerable challenges of parenting, perhaps the most difficult ones are faced at the initial phases when responsibilities come gushing into your lives. You are more likely to be on the first couple of pages of parenting when you are left with only laughs and cries to decode. While struggling with the reasons of your babies’ cries, you also must not miss out on the coughs of your precious ones.

Mostly people are aware of two types of cough- dry and wet cough. While it is only common cold or minor allergies that cause dry cough, wet cough comes into scene due to mucus and phlegm. Much to your surprise mucus containing white blood cells help in preventing germs and minor dry coughs help combating irritations in your babies’ throat.

Generally, severe coughs are not observed in babies less than 4 months of age, so in the case your little one is suffering from severe coughs get your appointments fixed with the best child specialist immediately. Even slight rise of body temperature for babies younger than 4 months needs to be checked thoroughly, and if rattling mucus or a plugged nose is also noticed, then you might expect some common cold as the reason. A good fluid diet along with the medicines can make it work in such cases.

When your baby faces difficulty in breathing and has a dry loud cough, mostly interrupting your babies’ sleep, then it is croup swelling up the babies’ trachea lining. At times, it is accompanied by a viral infection as well. In such cases, warm steamy or damp air can be helpful for your baby, making it easier for him to breathe.

If your baby seems to be fatigued all the time and green yellow phlegm can be observed when he coughs, also a severe common cold is there, then do get a consultation from the nearest baby hospital in Chandigarh. Another of the serious coughing issue includes bronchitis or asthma. Symptoms of asthma other than breathing trouble include cold and itchy, watery eyes. Bronchitis is usually accompanied by a loss of appetite and slight fever. These are the health issues that cannot be dealt with homemade remedies and require medications as prescribed by renowned child specialist in Chandigarh.

Loud cough spasms with bulging eyes, face discoloration- the symptoms of Whooping cough are better prevented with vaccination. For infants, less than 6 or 4 months of age need to follow the regular prescriptions from the pediatricians in Chandigarh.

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