Cerebral Palsy in Children – Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital

Cerebral Palsy in Children – Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital

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Dr. Monika Chhajed

MBBS, DCH, DNB, Fellowship Paediatric Neurology and Epilepsy

In the journey of childhood, every step, every milestone, holds significance. But for children with
cerebral palsy, these steps can be accompanied by unique challenges. Cerebral palsy, a condition
affecting movement and muscle coordination, requires specialized care and support. With the
expertise of the best paediatric neurology & physiotherapy centre in Chandigarh at Motherhood
Chaitanya Hospital, let’s delve into the world of cerebral palsy in children, understanding the
condition, its impact, and the avenues of expert care.

Understanding Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy is a neurological disorder caused by brain damage that occurs before or during birth,
or in the early years of life. This damage affects muscle control, coordination, and even balance.
While the condition varies in severity, it always demands a tailored approach to care.

Impact on Children

Cerebral palsy affects each child differently. The challenges can range from mild motor difficulties to
more profound impairments. These challenges often necessitate a multidimensional approach to
care and support.

Expert Pediatric Physiotherapy

Pediatric physiotherapy becomes a cornerstone of care for children with cerebral palsy. This
specialized form of therapy focuses on improving movement, function, and quality of life through
targeted exercises, interventions, and strategies.

1. Assessing Individual Needs:
Every child’s journey is unique. A pediatric physiotherapy center in Chandigarh begins by assessing
the child’s motor skills, mobility, and challenges. This assessment serves as the foundation for
developing a personalized care plan.

2. Targeted Exercises:
Pediatric physiotherapy sessions incorporate exercises that address specific challenges. From muscle
strengthening to balance improvement, each exercise is designed to empower the child’s motor

3. Mobility Training:
Walking and mobility often pose challenges for children with cerebral palsy. Pediatric
physiotherapists work on gait training, helping children move with greater independence and

4. Adaptive Equipment:
In some cases, adaptive equipment like braces or walkers may be recommended. Pediatric
physiotherapists guide the selection and use of such equipment to enhance mobility and function.

5. Family-Centered Approach:
Caring for a child with cerebral palsy is a collaborative effort. Pediatric physiotherapy involves
educating parents and caregivers about exercises, techniques, and strategies they can incorporate
into daily life.

6. Monitoring and Progress Tracking:
Pediatric physiotherapy is a journey of progress. Regular sessions not only facilitate improvement
but also allow physiotherapists to monitor changes, adapt strategies, and celebrate achievements.

Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital

Amidst the complexities of cerebral palsy, Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital stands as a beacon of
expertise and compassion. Their commitment to providing the best care ensures that children with
cerebral palsy have access to specialized pediatric physiotherapy, nurturing their growth and

Empowering Children

Pediatric physiotherapy is more than just exercises; it’s a journey of empowerment. It’s about
fostering independence, building confidence, and helping children reach their full potential, one step
at a time.

Celebrating Milestones

In pediatric physiotherapy, every small milestone achieved is a victory. It might be a child taking their
first steps, improving their balance, or gaining greater control over their movements. Each
achievement is a testament to their resilience and the unwavering support of their physiotherapy

A Future of Possibilities

While cerebral palsy brings challenges, it also opens the door to a future of possibilities. With the
guidance of skilled pediatric physiotherapists, children with cerebral palsy can navigate their
challenges with grace, embracing a journey of growth, discovery, and achievement.

The Heart of Every Stride

Every step taken by a child with cerebral palsy is a stride fueled by determination, strength, and the
power of expert care. With the support of pediatric physiotherapy and the dedication of
professionals at Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital, these children aren’t just navigating challenges –
they’re embracing life’s journey with courage, hope, and the joy of progress

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