What is CBC Test & Why Do You Need It?

What is CBC Test & Why Do You Need It?

What Is CBC Test?

CBC test stands for ‘complete blood count.’ Our blood contains different types of cells such as white blood cells, red blood cells, platelets, etc. This test gives a clear picture of the state of these cells in our body (especially used to test for white blood cells). It also helps in diagnosing conditions such as anaemia, which is a health condition that could set in due to a decrease in the red blood cell count. It is also done to make sure there is no anomaly in the blood during pregnancy. Early diagnosis, in case of women trying to conceive, may help them opt for best infertility treatment.

Why Is It Done?

It is done mostly in case of infectious diseases. A higher level of white blood cells generally indicates there is some type of infection going around somewhere in the body which does require some attention. Or it may also indicate some type of immune disease where the protectors of the body may mistakenly consider the body cells to be some foreign entity.

It’s important during pregnancy. Andany fertility centre in Chandigarh can help you with this.

During pregnancy, the body goes through hormonal changes. And any indication that is different from the norm should be attended to as soon as possible as it may imply some anomaly in the body functions. Hence, you should choose a pregnancy specialist doctor in Chandigarh so that she can get you the best treatment.

CBC test in pregnancy ensures that the blood cells are normal and the blood condition is safe for both the mother and the baby. In all hospitals, these tests are done, but Chandigarh is the best place for tests and treatment. Even women with infertility can benefit from a visit to Chandigarh. IVF treatment in Chandigarh is reliable, after all.

CBC test is essential so that any anomaly in the blood could be diagnosed. The irregularity in CBC could give an indication of what type of dysfunction is going on in the body. As mentioned earlier, it can also benefit women having infertility problems. So, if you are someone in need of infertility treatment, seeing an IVF specialist in Chandigarh would be the best bet.

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