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28 days full term male child born by normal vaginal delivery, presented with fever and swelling in parotid region. On examination parotid gland was swollen, overlying skin was inflamed and tender. On aspiration, pus was present. This was followed by surgical drainage under general anesthesia. Around 15-20m1 thick

pus was drained. Staphylococus was isolated from the pus. Baby was treated with I.V antibiotics Ceftriaxone and Amikacin) for 10 days. Child showed good recovery. There was history of breast congestion in mother . Breast milk of mother also grew staphylococcus aureus. Discussion: – Parotid Abscess is rare condition in neonates and few cases have been reported in literature. Staphylococous is the causative organism in most cases & reaches the gland via Stenson’s duct. Risk factors include :- -Prematurity, Dehydration, Septicemia, Prolonged oro- gastric feeds. *Treatment is prompt surgical drainage followed by IV Antibiotics.

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