10 Reasons Why Breast Feeding is essential for your Baby?

10 Reasons Why Breast Feeding is essential for your Baby?

WHO recommends breast feeding for all babies for first 1000 days(270 in mothers womb and 730 after birth). Research has shown that is the most simple intervention which can help decrease under five mortality by as much as 13%. Lets look at top 10 reasons why you should choose it for your baby.

  1. UNIQUE NUTRITIONAL QUALITIES: Breast milk is a naturally engineered gift of nature designed specifically for your baby. It is custom-made by each mother for her own baby, and contains the perfect amount of protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins and minerals. Remarkably, as your baby grows, your milk will also change to keep up with your baby’s needs. Human milk is also easier than formula for your baby to digest, which means less mess and fuss!
  2. CONVENIENT AND PORTABLE: Breast milk is 100% safe, fresh , readily available, and at an optimal temperature minus all the hassles of cleaning boiling and storage of formula feeds.Night time feeds and travel all are easier with breast feeding.
  3. IMMUNITY AND PROTECTION:Breast milk is a rich source of immunoglobulins and other factors which helps build up infants immune system and also passes some immunity from mother to baby. It is no surprise that babies who are breastfed are less likely to suffer from infections.
  4. SPECIAL BOND: Breast feeding is the first contact and the most important one for fact that baby has after the cutting of umbilical cord.The closeness and comfort of breastfeeding strengthens the bond with your baby, as one part of all the things you can do to build a secure, loving relationship.
  5. IQ FACTOR: Many a research have emphatically proven that the importance of breast milk in infants Cognitive development. Breastfed babies have universally shown to have higher IQ’s and better academic achievements.
  6. BENEFITS GALORE…..benefits to babies don’t just end here . breastfeeding has been shown to be protective against Type 1 Diabetes, Crohn’s disease, Childhood cancers, asthma, allergies, obesity, vision defects among a long list ! 
  7. EASY ON TUMMY: Composition of breast milk is such that it contains right quantity and quality of nutrients which are easily digested and assimilated by bay’s body. It means better changes in poop as well!! 
  8. NATURAL CONTRACEPTIVE: This is true only if you are exclusively breastfeeding, and have not yet gotten your period back following childbirth. Night nursing encourages longer amenorrhoea (periodlessness). If you really don’t want to get pregnant again, use some back up birth control even if you haven’t gotten your period again. You will have no way of knowing when your first ovulation will occur, and by the time you figure it out you may be expecting! Still, generally speaking, breastfeeding contributes to optimum child spacing. 
  9. MORE BENEFITS FOR MOTHER: Not only does it protects against  breast cancer , Ovarian cancer and endometrial cancer it is one of the safest and most efficacious ways to lose your pregnancy weight. Since many exclusively breastfeeding mothers do not begin to menstruate for a year or longer their iron stores are not depleted by monthly bleeding. It also protects against osteoporosis. 
  10. IT IS SIMPLY IRREPLACEABLE….. No matter how much technological advances we make we still cannot replace this nature’s gift

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