Baby Food Chart: What and How to Feed Your Little One

Baby Food Chart: What and How to Feed Your Little One

When you give birth to a baby, there are many challenges and doubts that you face. One of the major among them is what you should feed your child and when. The best thing that you can feed your baby from birth in the baby hospital in Chandigarh through the first few months is your milk. Nothing can replace the health benefits of the breastmilk and every child is entitled to receiving this. The best child specialist opines that breastmilk has all the natural nutrients responsible for the healthy growth and development of the baby.

As your baby grows, when it reaches six months, you can add some more food into your baby’s daily routine. You can start giving your baby solid food only when he is four months old and never before that. The best time to start giving solid food is when your baby turns six months. Whenever you start giving your baby solid food, remember it should only be part of the baby’s diet. The main food should still remain mother’s milk.

When should you start giving solid food for your baby according to child specialist in Chandigarh

  • When your baby loses his tongue thrusting reflex.
  • When your baby is able to recognize that his tummy is full.
  • When your baby wakes from sleep because he his hungry.
  • When your baby can sit up right.

What are the foods that you can give in the beginning?

  • Fruits such as avocados, pears, banana, apples and others can be mashed completely in to a smooth paste and given to the baby.
  • Vegetables like beans, potatoes and carrots can also be squashed and fed to the baby.
  • Rice is also a best food that you can feed your baby because it becomes soft and easy to eat when you mash it completely. Also, it is less allergic. You can also try barley and oats.

Remember to feed all these individually in order to recognize any allergies.

In the next stage, you can combine two or three of these fruits and vegetables and feed your baby. Do not forget to consult your pediatrician in Chandigarh, before you take any decisions. 

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