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As A First Time Mom

As a first time mom, with life threatening allergies and asthma, I was extremely nervous about entrusting my health to just anyone. Looking back, I feel very fortunate that I found the compassionate, highly skilled, team at Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital- Chandigarh. Being very sensitive to my extensive food allergies, the hospital began preparations for my...

December 1, 2017December 1, 2017by
Mother and Baby Health Care During Pregnancy

Mother and Baby Health Care During Pregnancy

Mother and Baby Health Care During Pregnancy is a multifaceted program involvingmedical visits, prenatal testing, nutrition, exercise, screening for infections and certain genetic diseases where appropriate, getting any maternal illnesses under control, and taking any other special considerations. Health is wealth; we have been listening to this saying from ages. This is absolutely true in its literal sense....

December 29, 2016October 26, 2022by

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