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What are the causes of fetal anemia during pregnancy?

What are the causes of fetal anemia during pregnancy?

Did your doctor suggest a few tests during while pregnant? Are you confused and worried about it? Well, the doctor is just doing the best to know if you might have fetal anemia. Any pregnancy specialist doctor will definitely tell pregnant patients to undergo countless tests so that the baby is safe and so are...

August 22, 2017August 22, 2017by

Pregnancy Complications to watch out for

Pregnancy is a life changing phase for a woman. It changes every bit of your life because you carry a whole new life inside you. All of a sudden everything in your life starts revolving around the baby growing in your womb. Majority of the pregnancies go without any specific complications. Having said that does...

January 23, 2017January 23, 2017by

Ectopic pregnancy, symptoms and how ectopic pregnancy treated

Ectopic pregnancy – A pregnancy in which the fertilised egg implants outside the uterus. In normal pregnancy, ovary releases an egg into fallopian tube which then get fertilizes after coming in contact with a sperm. The fertilized egg, after a few days moves to the uterus where it gets a lining and then the baby...

January 10, 2017May 11, 2023by

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