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A great way to save and get best treatment. Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital has special packages for expecting mothers and children.

Delivery Health Plan – For Expecting Mothers

As your health partner, Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital offers delivery Health Packages for expecting mothers. Enroll at beginning of pregnancy to get additional benefits.


  • Doctor fees including delivery charges
  • Medicine
  • Stay (Private room, Normal 36 hours, C-section 48 hours)
  • Diet

OPD benefits:

  • Free consultations worth 11,200
  • Free prenatal exercises classes worth 12,500
    • Morning and evening options
    • From 4th month till delivery
    • Helps in proper delivery
  •  6 counselling sessions free worth 6,000 
  • 10% discount on Lab charges
  • Nidaan card: Free emergency call to doctor
  • Whatsapp group of other pregnant mothers and doctors



Conditions Apply:

  • This Card is not valid during emergency hours.
  • Emergency consultation, ultrasound, lab tests & vaccination are not included.
  • The booking amount is non-refundable, however in case of any mis-happening this amount will be adjusted in the final bill towards the treatment.
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Privilege Card – For Children

As your health partner, Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital offers a Privilege Card for your child which allows you to take 12 consultations at the cost of 6. Visit anytime during OPD hours and consult by just showing your Privilege Card. Pay once and forget expenses for 1 year!


  • Free OPD consultation during routine timings.
  • 15% Discount on emergency consultations.
  • 10% Discount on room rent in case of hospitalization.
  • Prepaid Card of Nidaan for free consultation with doctors directly on phone.
  • 10% discount on Motherhood Chaitanya Lab Charges.
  • Access to the WhatsApp group of new mothers for learning & sharing.

Conditions Apply:

  • This card is not valid for Dr. Anil Narang & visiting doctors.
  • This card is not valid during emergency timings, however, a 15% discount will be given on emergency consultation charges.


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