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Gynaecology deals with paying attention to maintaining the health and wellness of the female reproductive system. At Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital, the gynaecology department offers a total package of exceptional gynaecology services such as hormonal imbalances. 

Ladies experience the ill effects of various illnesses throughout the phases of their life and for that, they need professional restorative support. Some of the problems such as the occurrence of an ovarian cyst, uterus problems, anti-conception medication, menopausal issues, or other major or minor problems are pretty common. A reliable solution for every one of these problems with complete care can be availed at Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital.


Preconception Counselling

If you’re at risk for a complicated pregnancy due to advanced maternal age, previous preterm birth, or a health condition like diabetes, our team can help you understand the risks and plan a path to a safe and healthy pregnancy.

Ultrasound and Prenatal Diagnosis

Our team performs different types of tests to check the health of your growing baby. These tests include Ultrasound, Fetal Echo, NIPT, New born screening with blood sample, and hearing test post delivery.

Care for Multifetal Pregnancy (twins or more)

Carrying more than one baby increases the risk for some complications, like preterm birth, discordant growth, TTTS, and above all these babies have high chances of birth effects. Whether you’re carrying twins or triplets or more. Our team can provide the expert care you need to ensure a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

Newborn Screening

Newborn screening is done post delivery to check the overall health of the newborn baby. In this screening our doctors check for Metabolic defects (Thyroid), Hearing Defects (Hearing loss), and Heart Defects.


We provide high quality and committed gynecological services to women through all the important stages of life. Our highly trained and professional staff of doctors and nurses works to cater to the needs of every woman. With a wide range of wellness and preventative tests, we make sure that our patients stay healthy right from the teen years till the time of menopause.

At Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital, we also specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of many difficult gynecological problems like abnormal bleeding, pain in the pelvic area or hormonal imbalances. Our huge experience in gynaecology domain makes people trust our services to find out the problem and solve it at the earliest.


Dr Babita

Dr. Babita Chauhan

Sr. Consultant (Obstetrics & Gynaecology)

DR Poonam r

Dr. Poonam Rudingwa

Consultant (Obstetrics & Gynaecology)

DR geetika

Dr. Geetika Thakur

Consultant (Obstetrics & Gynaecology)

Here’s why we feel proud of what we do!

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Ms. Priya Sharma

At 18 weeks of my pregnancy, by fetal echo, my baby was diagnosed with a serious heart defect, but when we came for the second opinion to Dr. Amitoz, he said my baby has an absolutely normal heart and today my baby is in my arms.

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Mr. and Mrs. Manchanda

We were terrified having missed both dual and quadruple test, but thankfully we met Dr. Poonam and she did a genetic sonogram and ensured us and today we are blessed with a healthy baby.

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Mrs. Ananya Mishra

I conceived after 10 years of marriage with IVF, when diagnosed with mild ventriculomegaly everyone asked me to go for termination. But then here I went for neurosonography (ultrasound of brain) tests and serial follow-ups and today enjoying motherhood.


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