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We are proud of our purchase and Maintenance Team’ said Dr. Anil Narang, Head, and Dept of Neonatology at Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital. He was speaking on the occasion of accreditation of our Newborn ICU by National Neonatology Forum; a recognition given to very few NICUs in the country.

It was on December 12 that we received letter from NNF that their audit team with come on December 19. There was a period of only seven days in which the complete unit was to be renovated, all documents to be reviewed and all staff to be ready for interview. ‘We were given only 5 days to complete renovation and other maintenance works and our target was to give a complete new look to NICU’ – Mr. Manoj Mohanty, Head of operations at Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital.

‘It was a very challenging tasks, coordinating with external agencies, procuring all materials and at the same time ensuring that the hospital functioning is not disturbed. My team worked day and night and it was with great sense of pride and relief that we were able to handover ‘New NICU’ on the 5th day and our delight new no bounds when the visiting audit team was greatly impressed with our facilities and awarded us Accreditation immediately. ‘I thank each member of my team and contributing his best and thank management for showing belief in me’ are the word of visibly elated Mr. Mohanty.

We are all proud of you!

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