Newborn Baby Care & Feeding | How to burp your baby

Newborn Baby Care & Feeding | How to burp your baby

Newborns can be fun to spend time with. From their adorable noises to their sweet gestures, everything about them is just refreshingly beautiful. At times, it becomes difficult to understand what they are trying to say, especially for the new parents. One of the challenging tasks is feeding.

Mothers should always prefer to breastfeed their babies. It is not just required for providing all the necessary nutrients to the baby but it also forms a strong bond between mother and her child. However, if due to any reasons, mother is not able to breastfeed the baby, bottle feed should be given with proper care.

How to burp your baby?

Babies need to burp to have healthy digestion. Burping lets the babies have space in their tiny belly for some more feed. It depends from baby to baby about how often they should burp. Breastfed babies tend to burp less as compared to babies who are bottle-fed. If the baby does not burp on its own and gets uncomfortable while you are feeding, then you can try the following methods to burp your baby:

  • Hold the baby and rest its chin on your shoulder. Rub his/her back gently (preferably downwards) to let the air out.
  • Make your baby sit in your lap turning the face to the other side. Lean the baby forward and pat the back. Grab your baby from the front at the same time.
  • Lay down your baby facing downward on your knees. Pat the back until the baby finally burps.

It is a learning experience for both the parents and baby. With time, you will get comfortable in handling these petty issues and then you will smile back while remembering these. For more guidance you can contact Child Care experts from Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital.

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