Do’s And Don’ts of Pregnancy

Do’s And Don’ts of Pregnancy

Before your delivery of your tiny bundle of joy, you will have to take the responsibility of helping him/her grow in your uterus by providing a healthy and nurturing environment. In order to do so, here is an exclusive list containing the dos and don’ts of pregnancy.

Taking Multivitamin
Consuming a balanced diet will provide plenty of minerals and vitamins to the body that is necessary for supporting a growing fetus. However, for a pregnant woman, a diet will not work alone. Prenatal vitamins help have nutrients, like calcium, iron, and folic acid, in high quantities that are necessary for the expecting mother to assist the fetus development. Visit a doctor for the best baby and mother care in Chandigarh for a prescription of multivitamins necessary for your body.

Quitting Smoking
If women smoke during pregnancy, it can increase the chance of delivering a baby with low birth weight and learning disabilities. The child will also be more likely to pick up this habit at an early age as a result of physiologic nicotine addiction.

Getting Sufficient Sleep
With a lot of anticipation, anxiety, and changing hormonal levels, your sleep can be thoroughly disturbed during the nine months. As pregnancy can be very demanding, you will require plenty of sleep. Try sticking to your bedtime always. Do not hesitate to take naps when you feel tired.

Avoiding Alcohol
Alcohol can have a negative impact on your baby’s development. There is a chance that your baby will develop Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) if you consume alcohol during pregnancy. It could result in low birth weight, behavior problems, learning disabilities, and so on. Speak to the best gynaecologist in Chandigarh if you want to quit alcohol when you are expecting.

Continuing Work out
Exercise is very good for you as well as your baby. It can help in combating several problems that are common in pregnancy like muscle pain, mood problems, excessive weight gain, insomnia, and so on.

Staying Away From Raw Meat
Undercooked or raw meat may carry food-borne illnesses, like toxoplasmosis and listeriosis. These conditions are quite serious and can be life-threatening in nature causing miscarriage and severe birth defects.

Follow this checklist in order to stay healthy and fit during the nine months of pregnancy.

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